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Our technicians are trained to work on these Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS):

  Adaptive Cruise Control
  Around View
  Blind Spot
  Dynamic Steering
  Eye Sight
  Front Around View Monitor
  Front Camera
  Front Radar
  Intelligent Clearance Sonar
  Lane Change Assist
  Lane Keep Assist
  Lane Watch
  Rear Camera
  Rear Intelligent Sonar

Starting in 2023, every new vehicle sold will come equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS. With SOS Auto Glass & Calibration’s ability to service 23 makes of vehicles, the 20,000-square-foot calibration center at SOS Auto Glass & Calibration is like no other in the St. Louis Metro Area. The spacious facility provides ample room for our safety system technicians to perform static calibrations, additionally they are trained to dynamically verify calibrations.

SOS Auto Glass & Calibration uses is a mix of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket scan tools with OEM targets. The SOS team is currently trained and certified to serve most of the vehicles on the road today, so rest assured your vehicle is in capable hands.

SOS Auto Glass calibration center machine
Calibration, wheel

What harm is there in not getting a calibration?

Modern vehicles are advanced machines, with dozens of systems working together to deliver you a comfortable and safe ride. Driving a vehicle with uncalibrated ADAS systems is putting you and your family at greater risk of harm, and is strongly discouraged.

Why would you drive your newly repaired vehicle down the highway, not knowing if the safety systems are functioning as intended? To limit liability, insurers will often pay towing charges if a system calibration is needed outside of an auto body repair. To get started, schedule a service now or call SOS Auto Glass & Calibration at 314-288-1600 during normal business hours.

Why choose SOS Auto Glass for a safety system calibration?

Your choice should come down to three factors: control, verification and peace of mind. By choosing SOS to complete your system calibration, damage to the vehicle is minimized since the vehicle is changing hands one less time. And not only are dealers expensive, but they may also perform the calibration incorrectly. Please keep in mind, some calibrations require bumper covers to be removed, thereby an alignment may need to be done after wheel repairs, etc.

In addition, if SOS Auto Glass & Calibration is performing the calibration, we will have the necessary proof and documentation that calibrations were performed correctly. Dealers and sublet vendors are not necessarily going to photo document ADAS Calibrations. Potential also exists for dealers and sublet vendors to not drive the vehicle verifying calibrations are performed correctly and the necessary ADAS are properly functioning.

All of the above adds up to peace of mind by choosing SOS Auto Glass & Calibration. When your vehicle is returned, you know your vehicle will both look and perform like new.

Calibration is complicated!

Put your vehicle in the hands of a trusted, certified technician

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More about the advanced calibration tools we use

SOS Auto Glass & Calibration to the rescue!

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If your vehicle requires more than a simple repair or replacement, let SOS help arrange your rental. We will make a reservation with our partner, Enterprise.

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